Dental Hygienists Job Description & Salary Info

Dental Hygienists Job

Dental Hygienist Job Description Dental hygienist is skilled health care professionals who work with the dentists. They assist dentists in their work. A dental hygienist is primarily concerned with preventive care. They are trained in techniques and care related to dental. Dental hygienists are licenced people whose work is normally centred on cleaning of teeth … Read more

Guide to Paychex Flex Support for Employees

Paychex Flex Support for Employees

Paychex Flex has emerged as an eminent provider of online human capital management, entry-level payroll and HR services to small and mid-sized businesses. With over 4 decades of excellence in offering reliability and scalable solutions to a huge clientele base, Flex is a trusted platform for application tracking and recruitment, on boarding, time and attendance … Read more

Physical Therapy Assistant Job Description & Salary Info

Physical therapy assistants

Physical Therapy Assistant Job Description Physical therapy assistants are the health care professionals who provide physical therapy services under the direction and supervision of a physical therapist. Physical therapy assistants help people of all ages who are suffering from health related conditions which limit their movements and functional activities, may be due to injuries, physical … Read more

Occupational Therapy Technician: Salary and Job Description

Occupational Therapy Technician

Job Description Occupational therapy technicians are healthcare professional who assists occupational therapist in their day-t-day duties. Occupational therapist help patients to develop working and living skills needed to live independently and occupational therapist technician help to work out the therapy plan devised for a particular patients. Occupational therapist technician perform support activities and work under … Read more

Marketing Research Analyst Salary Info & Job Description

Market research analyst

Job Description Market research analyst is professions having communication and data analysis skill. They study market conditions to examine the potential sales of various products. They have to gather information from as well present information to the clients. They help companies to understand competitor’s activities and customers demand. Market research analyst have to study the … Read more

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Salary Info & Job Description

Diagnostic medical sonographers

Job Description Diagnostic medical sonographers are health care professionals who work in hospitals, private offices or clinics. They do imaging for patients and decide which images to include by differentiating between healthy and pathological areas. To take the imaging, medical sonographers use transducers that produce direct high-frequency sound waves onto a targeted areasuch as a … Read more